In photos we have no constraints and no Boundaries within reason. The set was nowhere close to this image ended up as. As much as I think taking photos is way more fun than editing, I know I can come back to a photo or two and finish an edit like I want. I came back to this one after almost two years in limbo just for fun. It had a good combo of harsh and sleek with soft and sassy. If I like the outcome then I’m usually happy, but I do remember leaving this for for a later date because I didn’t like it at the time.

Almost all of my photos are as close to real life as I can get. Some end up just looking cooler being done another way. Yes, I plan a mindset or theme before I start taking photos. Yes, I have a gameplan for specific shoots. Mostly if I’m doing posed shots I want something a bit surreal. Take for example, Boudoir. I really don’t want to show someone sitting on their couch or on their floor in specific photos. The set in this photo was a blank room with some old ladders and toolboxes left by construction workers. I wanted mysterious and Sexy (as much as that word is played out or misunderstood). Jen (model), simply had fun playing. I had to keep up as she played around the set no doubt channeling her inner Matrix hero.

It’s a hard task to get someone to change their perspective on how pretty they think they are, or how much of a hero they think thy are or aren’t. Jen was game to be as awesome as she wanted to be. She’s cool regularly but I usually don’t meet a lot of people who have very little fear of stepping into a set of uncomfortable shoes. The fact is that both the subject and the photographer have to change their own outlook for the final goal.

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