When editing a set of photos, I can get lost for a long while. Each photo has things that, on a technical level, can bug me each time I look at it. But, some photos have an inane quality that make the photo what it is. It may be an imperfection, but if I were to take somebody’s mole or freckle away through the mahic of editing, but then that’s may not be in the subject’s best interest. Making water more blue may not really be how things are, but it adds some romance and adventure with water that is more blue than brown and mirky.

Do I clean some dirt off of pink and whites stripes on a shirt? It depends on the picture. In this picture, yes, it was appropriate to do. If the girl was running in some type of adventure race, then no, the shirt should probably be dirty. Editing isn’t about making a picture perfect, it’s about knowing the intent of the photo and the personality of the person the story is about. Each photo is a story inside of a story. Photo Editing is trying to explain a picture that’s part of the bigger picture.

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